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This is a Rainer Schuettler appreciation page. If you enjoy fantastic tennis, you'd appreciate him too.
To get started - Rainer is pronounced RHINE-er not ray-ner and Schuettler is pronounced SHOOT-ler not shut-ler. He is an accomplished Top 10 player who has played in Davis Cup as well as two Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 Silver Medalist) for Germany.

Monday, August 30, 2004

US Open / New York

Friday 3 September
Bad Web Hostess

Okay, as you can tell, no pictures and updates. I had the chance to leave work early and see more tennis and catch the Youzhny match - which literally just ended. I am just doing this off a friend's computer in the media center. If they show highlights, you have to see Youzhny's face after he won, absolutely priceless and pure joy. It was a great match to watch as a fan, alas no camera on me or anything, just got to sit there and watch five full sets. Misha really gets into his matches with the pumps and the yelling - even a split, and in the doubles he's certainly more the cheerleader/get fired up guy of the two on the court. Rainer just talks to himself in German, singles or doubles.
Man I love sports, where else is a conversation 'normal' between an American, a German and two Brits as you sit in the US watching two guys from Russia and Argentina play tennis and also have a chat about the hockey World Cup, the Belgian Grand Prix and Finnish ski jumping?? Crazy, but true, that was my evening. I can get just a couple pics on now, I'll see what I can do on Saturday AM before I come back here for more tennis and of course the doubles match. (Will have camera tomorrow though, and I won't be home before midnight to update then).

Rainer and Youzhny face 4th seeded Mirnyi and Bhupathi. They play as the 3rd and final match of the day on Court 11, play begins at 11am and follow a men's and then a women's singles match.

Here are just a few shots from Tuesday that I can get on here in the next couple minutes before I need to head out. They are from my old 35mm that fortunately did work as it should - I got it as a kid in the mid-1980s. I forget exactly when I got it, but I know I had it in 1989 for a Lake Placid hockey tournament I was in. Digital is fast and fun, but I love this camera. In college I shot all the football games and then sold the pictures to the players for spending money. I made the most money off the quarterbacks - very vain boys, but hey, I bought a purebred labrador retriever from those efforts.
I digress - here are the too few pics for now:


One thing the 35mm really picks up are the "hard court slide" marks on the court where Rainer, though not an easy surface to do so - slides around running after shots, leaving Fila marks all over.

Thursday 2 September
Doubles Move On

Mikhail Youzhny and Rainer Schuettler won their first round doubles match this afternoon, defeating Browne and Canas 67(4) 64 63. Next up for the pair, probably on Saturday, is the 4th seeded combo of Mahesh Bhupathi and Max Mirnyi.
I have a ton to catch up on for Friday, digital pix from singles and doubles and then 35mm from singles on Wed are to be uploaded plus all the links/stories as well will get on the site.

Wednesday 1 September
Doubles Action

Rainer Schuettler and Mikhail Youzhny take to the courts on Thursday for their first round doubles match against Federico Browne and Guillermo Canas. They are the third of four doubles matches on Court 17, play begins at 11am.
My offer of a beer or soda at the Heineken Bar/Red Star Cafe is again on the table for any Rainer readers on the grounds. Meet 20 minutes after the conclusion of their doubles match.

Tuesday 31 August
Singles Over

Today in his opening round of the US Open, Rainer Schuettler lost a two set lead to Andreas Seppi and fell 63 64 67(5) 67(1) 16. In the fifth set Rainer called for the trainer and received a medical timeout for (I believe) something with his right forearm. The match was over three and a half hours, 64 minutes of that was the third set alone. I don't know if this will affect the doubles at all, and the Youzhny/Schuettler first round match is not scheduled for Wednesday but they are still listed in the draw, so hopefully on Thursday they will play. Youzhny is scheduled for his singles match on Wednesday.

Again, my offer of a beer/soda to any readers on the grounds after that match at the Heineken Red Star Cafe. Email me if you'll be there so we know who to look for, I figure on meeting say 20 minutes after the match, whenever it is.

Here is the page on the match stats.

I took both digital and 35mm pictures of Tuesday's match, the digital ones I will work to get online hopefully tonight (Tues 10:30pm NY time) or certainly on Wednesday. The 35mm will be a day or two for me to get them back and then online. If my 35mm camera was working correctly (it's had issues as of late) I'll take a ton of doubles pictures. One odd thing is that, as of Wednesday, no images of the match from Getty at all - there were lots of photogs there, but so far only the 1st two pics below (from Reuters) can be found. So let's really hope my 35mm was working! I'll add more as I can, I totally underestimated how long it would take me to edit 80+ pictures, but the best shots will go up Thurs PM or Friday, as well as shots from Thursday's doubles match.

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Monday 30 August
NY, NY - One Hell of a Town

The US Open, the last Grand Slam of the year begins today in NY, a city that has been in the news just a bit as of late. Rainer Schuettler, in his sixth appearance in NY, is scheduled to play on Tuesday against Andreas Seppi.
They have played only once before, Rainer won that match earlier this year in July at Kitzbuhel, 36 76(13) 60. This season, Seppi has reached the semifinals in Bronx and Turin and the quarterfinals in San Marino and Barletta.
The two are the third match of the day on Court 11.

In doubles, Schuettler is pairing with Mikhail Youzhny. Their first round match is against the Argentine pair of Federico Browne and Guillermo Canas.
This year, Canas was a singles winner in Stuttgart and Umag, a semifinalist in Acapulco and a quarterfinalist in Boca Raton. In doubles, Browne won Salinas (w/ Qureshi), was a finalist in Buenos Aires (w/ Veronelli), Aix En Provence, Mexico City (w/ Wassen) and a semifinalist at Furth (w/ Vicente).

---> Rainer fans and readers, congregate at the Heineken Bar/Red Star Cafe about an hour after his match on Tuesday. A beer or soda for all those who are able to make it, drop me an email if you think you'll be there (my email link is in the right margin)

USA Network's broadcast schedule for the US Open
CBS and USA's broadcast schedule
Here is the Open's bio page on Rainer
Order of Play, the ever-elusive and usually posted-too-late-at-night-Order of Play

Anyone else see why MTV and a ton of residents left town this week? Okay, NY is insane right now, but so far still in a good way. I have never seen so many cops in the city in my entire life. The automatic rifles and gas masks are always a nice added touch.

This Wednesday marks the site's first birthday, I'm contemplating a couple things to try to make it fun.

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